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A Mart Filled with Kindness

The world needs more kindness. The world needs more people like you.

Our Vision

Spreading Kindness & Compassion through Actions & Digitalisation

In the beginning of 2012, Steven Goh began to ponder—”What can I do, as a young and able-bodied man to make a difference in this world?” This, along with the help of few other friends, brought him to realize a gap in the community. There is an abundance of vulnerable individuals who could use a little joy and hope from kind-hearted people. And so the work began, one step at a time, one hope then another.

Now, as we stay true to our mission of bringing joy and dignity to the lives of Singapore’s needy, we introduce Kindness Mart.

Our Mission

To transform lives through community and partnerships, while bringing joy to the lives of Singapore’s needy.

It is a pressing issue, backed-up by market research and statistics—there’s a growing need for help from charitable, non-profit, and voluntary welfare organizations. That’s what we’re here for, Kindness Mart, a social enterprise built to aid the vulnerable and needy in Singapore. We’re here to support and aid the physically and mentally challenged, the elderly, the low-income families, and other needy individuals who are in need of our help.

Through the sale of groceries and basic necessities at our e-commerce platform, Kindness Mart will be able to support the above mentioned beneficiaries with the proceeds that we had generated. Just by simply shopping at Kindness Mart, customers can support these causes without the need to make additional donation. Giving back has never been fun, simple, and accessible.

Why Kindness Mart?

Through the sale of groceries and basic necessities at our e-commerce platform, Kindness Mart, we will be able to support the various disadvantaged groups in our community, such as the physically or mentally challenged individuals or elderly and low income families.

The proceeds that we generated will go to reimbursing the fees in areas such as:

  • medical escort services,
  • medical fees,
  • handyman services relating to electrical and plumbing issues,
  • bedbugs fumigation services
  • tuition activities for children from underprivileged families
  • and many more...

Through our experience on ground, we have come to realise that these are the areas lacking support, especially financially, which is why we hope to offer a sustainable long term solution through Kindness Mart.

Your support is paramount in helping us achieve our goals. By shopping with us, you have helped to play a big part for charity without making any additional donation.

Kindness Mart will be posting photo updates every month on our Facebook page to inform everyone on the activities supported. Receipts for the reimbursement fees will also be posted on our page

We hope that through our mission, we can address the urgent needs of the various disadvantaged groups in our community and inspire others to do likewise.

YOU have the power to MAKE A CHANGE. The world needs YOUR KINDNESS. The world needs more PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Go and make a difference!

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